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Milan Central Station – Platform 21

A Sahaja yogi returning from work sees 3 ladies standing on platform 21 giving bandhans.

SY “Are you trying to get to Cabella?”

Astonished yogini “Yes!”

SY  “So take this train and get off at the fifth stop, the bus for Cabella will be waiting in the square”

Astonished yogini “Why thank you!”

Her friend “.. are you real?”


Arquata Scrivia Railway station

A yogi arriving from Milan has his car parked by the station, he sees 2 Roumanian brothers waiting

“Have you been here a long time?”

“About 2 hours”

“Oh, I’m sorry you had to wait so long”

“That’s nothing, we’ve been waiting for 3 years to come to Cabella!”


Two nice stories from Andrei

1. It was on Shri Krishna Puja. I was volunteering in Cabella as a driver. At night time I had to go to Malpensa airport. I hadn’t been in Malpensa before and had no navigation system with me, so during the road I just checked road signs.

Coming closer to Milan I noticed lightnings of the left side and it seemed to be on the way to Malpensa. It wasn’t very pleasant for me and I started waiting for a strong rain. Lightnings were very often. And the more I was closer to the airport, the more I realized that lightnings are exactly where airport is.
When I finally reached the destination, lightnings stopped and still there were no rain, and then only I understood that it was a divine sign, pointing to a place where my brothers and sisters were waiting.
2. Just before leaving Cabella it was a situation after which one of our sisters got upset. We sat in a car and everybody felt the heaviness in the air. We switched on the radio and there was a song which this sister liked. After it finished, we switched to another station and again it was the same song. We smiled and said – it’s all for you, sister. When we heard this song on the third station everybody was laughing and it led us to complete relaxation. “Thank You, Mother, now I see”, said the sister.
Nobody can leave Cabella in a bad mood.
Arquata again – Gabriel from Roumania
I had some work to do around Arquata and I had a strong feeling to go in the train station because I will definitely find some yogis that I had to drive to Cabella.
So I drove all the way to the station and walked in the station and shouted: “Jai Shri Mataji!!”
All I’ve got was just a head lift from their mobile phones, looking at me in complete confusion!
While I really enjoyed the moment and found it hilarious, there was no yogi around.
I said to myself: “This is virtually impossible. Rarely do I get such clear specific intuition of getting to Arquata Scrivia to pick-up someone to Cabella. Even if I have to wait here in order to find them I will do it”
I walk out with a deep feeling that I will remain loyal to my intuition to take someone from the train station with me to Cabella.
I look left and right… nothing.
I walk slowly towards the car and far behind me on my right, I see an Indian couple of young yogis from London asking for help to the guy at bar next to the station. I walk towards them and they were yogis.
I ask them “Are you going to Cabella?” They  answer “Yess!!!!!”
I tell them that I had a feeling about it and Mother had sent me to pick them up and they said it is a miracle, almost impossible. They also told me that it was their first time in Italy and first time in Cabella.
They felt so humbled, lucky and drenched in blessings!
The driving felt like flying, we were all filled with awe and vibrations were flowing everywhere, continuously sharing between us the amazing story!
What a proper welcome for someone coming to Cabella for the first time!