Here you will find some frequently asked questions about the transport. If you really haven't find your answer yet, drop us a line via email: [email protected].



01 Which is the best day to arrive?

If you’re coming by public transport then the only day you MIGHT have to avoid is Friday as there are sometimes public transport strikes in Italy on this day, bear in mind that on Sundays and public holidays there are less trains and also less buses between Arquata and Cabella.

02 What’s the best time of day to arrive?

If you’re arriving at Malpensa, Linate or Bergamo just remember that the last train to Arquata from Milano Centrale leaves at 20.25 **

Therefore any arrival after 18.00 is risky.

You can save time at Milano Centrale by buying your ticket at one of the machines on the platform level, there are different language options.

The buses from Arquata Scrivia to Cabella coincide with 2 trains from Milano Centrale, 12.25 and 16.25 **

If you’re arriving at Genova take the Volabus to Genova Piazza principe, there are more trains to Arquata from Genova than from Milan.

The last bus from Arquata to Cabella leaves at 22.37 ** (last update MAY 2017, please check that this has not changed!)

03 Which is the best airport to arrive at?

For public transport Genova is definitely the easiest option.
Linate is the closest airport to Milan And you have various options for getting to Centrale. If you are cutting it fine for catching the Arquata Scrivia train then a short taxi ride will take you to Milano Rogoredo where the Arquata trains stop 12 minutes after leaving Centrale
Malpensa has both a train and a bus service to Milano Centrale whereas from Bergamo there is only a bus
The journey time between Centrale and Malpensa is about 50 minutes, for Bergamo the time is similar.

** (last update MAY 2017, please check that this has not changed!)


01 Which is the best day to depart?

If you’re using public transport it doesn’t matter which day you depart but remember there are fewer buses to Arquata on Sundays and public holidays

02 What’s the best time of day for return flight?

The first bus in the morning leaves Cabella at 04.30 and the first train to Milan leaves Arquata at 06.15, arriving at Milano Centrale at 07.45 – realistically it is unlikely that you will arrive at Bergamo or Malpensa before 09.00
So allowing for security checks and delays we advise 11.00 as the earliest flight time that you can be sure of getting using public transport

Also note that there are no trains from Arquata to Milan between 08.15 and 12.15, these means that in order to get some flights you would have to leave Cabella much earlier than you might think.

Flight time Train
11.00 06.15
12.00 06.15
13.00 08.15
14.00 08.15
15.00 08.15
16.00 12.15 is risky, arriving at airport at 15.00 if no delays
17.00 12.15



01 Which is the best day to arrive?

If it’s a big puja we pick up from Weds afternoon until Sat lunchtime, for smaller pujas only Thursday and Friday are definitely covered

02 What’s the best time of day to arrive?

If you arrive very early you may have a to wait a while, generally we try not to make anyone wait more than 2 hours but first pick-up of the day can sometimes be at midday, it depends on numbers of people arriving.

Please try not to arrive late in the evening, these flights are often delayed and you may find a bus of very fed up yogis waiting for just one person. A man arriving late may have to spend the night in the airport but we try to avoid this with yoginis

03 Which is the best airport to arrive at?

Malpensa is where the majority of yogis arrive. For arrivals at the other airports we only collect groups or large numbers which coincide.

04 If I send you an e mail a week or so before travelling will you be able to tell me when’s the best time to arrive in order to ensure a quick pick-up?

No, we’re getting quite a few of these questions nowadays, pick up times depend on information which is constantly changing. Our aim is to avoid anyone waiting for more than 2 hours

05 How much does Sahaj transport cost?

We are not allowed to name a price, this would cause legal problems for SY Italy, yogis are encouraged to make a suitable donation which will cover the cost of their transport